S. F. Power Rankings

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Mick0503 (100)
Placing 1st in WR, 3rd in IDP and 4th in RB Mick has a very strong starting lineup. Combining the 2nd strongest starters with the 3rd strongest bench he should be competing the entire season.

Luke’s Take: The biggest question marks for me are Damien Williams’ job
security and Corey Davis’ chance to step up and finally do something.

Mynamejefe (99)
Adding a 2nd flex position to a strong receiving corps means the boss has 5 spots covered with a strong bench also helping him to a solid second place.

Luke’s Take: Banking on Derrick Henry to take the next step is brave but might actually pay off. With a slightly older core of position players The Boss needs to win now!

Brenhocko (92)
By ranking 1st in QB, TE & FLEX there will be a strong positional advantage week in and week out. Picking these players early does however mean he’ll be struggling to field a competitive lineup at WR.

Luke’s Take: Leaning on the Mahomes – Kelce stack will carry this team most of the season, but in a down week there’s a lot of unknowns with Bell, Fournette & Freeman carrying the rock. Boom-Bust if there ever was one!

Gaugrim (90)
Grabbing (some might say reaching, Throne?) defenders early, you have the rights to own my team name IDP On You. The RB game is also strong with this one, although WR, FLEX & BENCH leave something to wish for. Highest rating for overall starters by the way!

Luke’s Take: These are not the Dynasty rankings, but this team is talented enough to compete now and young enough to build on. Very well drafted starting lineup (albeit thin at WR), but not a lot of depth.

IronThrone ( 89)
First off, highest bench ranking here! So definitely a lot of value picked up along the way. The rest of the ratings are lackluster at best, even with Vance Dance on board.

Luke’s Take: RB’s for DAYS! All the RB’s have their own injury concerns but if this team comes together the floor is as high as it gets. Pooper as the WR1 scares me a bit though!

LuukGx (88)
Obviously, this is way too low. All my starters are underrated and I’m winning!

Luke’s Take: Need a bit of help at TE but that was a choice once I missed out on the Big Three. Great RB depth, solid young receivers, entertaining big play defenders, what’s not to like!?

Berto1020 (88)
This man obviously has the RB situation locked down, adding solid rankings for QB & WR. Bench needs some help though, especially when injuries are bound to hit.

Luke’s Take: There a lot riding on the lower extremities of Gurley & Green for this team to be successful.

Mhayes4985 (73)
Ranked second on the TE position, FantasyPros is not a fan of the rest of the roster.

Luke’s Take: Rookies, rookies, rookies. This team will (perhaps) be great in a few years, but a lot of things have to go right to compete sooner. The explosive WR corps will be scary though!

Fiene86 (72)
A solid TE & WR score save Fiene from the bottom of these rankings.

Luke’s Take: Young core with good QB play, and possibly one of the more explosive RB tandems. Young talent at WR… Will JuJu perform in his new role? Not sure if the low ranking is warranted.

SlabofBeefstick (72)
Lots of reds here too, unfortunately! TE is solid & RB is decent, but dead last in the other categories.

Luke’s Take: Not too much to be excited about outside of CMC & Ertz, but if some of the less likely off-season stories play out the right way, a top half finish is definitely possible.

Hamborg55 (58)
This draft hero grabbed a great QB and a bunch of good starters, but the overall rankings aren’t too friendly.

Luke’s Take: Depth is an issue and Guice’s knee is crucial for this
team to compete.

MayoLK (50)
Middle of the pack for half the positions, dead last in others. A draft to forget.

Luke’s Take: Starting the whole Chicago backfield might not be the way to go, since I predict Cohen to be faded this year. The Baker – OBJ stack & young receiver group are a very exciting core to build around though!