2019 D-D S.F. Draft Recap

Dynasty Dudes Superflex Draft Recap

Good day dudes,

Welcome to the very first article for the Superflex league!  First and foremost, I wanted to say that this league is by far the most competitive and active I have ever been in, and I fuckin’ love it.  So I’m gonna bring the A-game for you guys. I also wanted to say, this writing shit takes time so whenever I have an idea I will do my best to get something to you as soon as I can, work permitting.  One more thing before we jump in, if ANY of you guys have ANY ideas whether it be for an article or adding some sort of content to the website, feel free to message us on the app or you can email me at mhayes4985@gmail.com or dynastydudesff@gmail.com. So let’s get it!

I know I talked to you guys a lot about how to rank these IDP.  Well, I decided to put a point based system onto the tier rankings over at https://www.fantraxhq.com/idp-rankings-2019-fantasy-football/.  They ranked 100 players based on Tiers 1 thru 8, and here are my point ranks:

Tier 1 – 100 (Figured 100 is a good place to start for tier 1, as Luke Kuechly generated nearly 100 points in our league with these settings last season)

Tier 2 – 90

Tier 3 – 80

Tier 4 – 75

Tier 5 – 70

Tier 6 – 65

Tier 7+ — 60

After about Tier 3 you can pretty much slide players in and out, so I only differentiated them by 5 points.  I feel a 10 point bump from Tier 1 to 2, and from 2 to 3 is a fair value.

I figured this is a unique and free way to do it.  Note: Some of the rookies were not on this list (Quinnen Williams for example). So I located the player with the highest tier ranking on your team to replace them on your starting roster.  Teams who tied in total points were awarded to the highest overall player on the website.


#12 SlabofBeefStick, Oldguy2 275

DB Shawn Williams (CIN) – 80

LB Olivier Vernon (CLE) – 70

LB Nick Vigil (CIN) – 65

DL Kenny Clark (GB) – 60

#11 MayoLK 290

DL Myles Garrett (CLE) – 90

DL Frank Clark (KC) – 75

DL Nick Bosa (SF) – 65

Rest of team no rank – 60

#10 Fiene86300

DL Danielle Hunter (MIN) – 90

DL Cam Jordan (NO) – 80

DL Trey Flowers (DET) – 70

LB TJ Watt (PIT) – 60

#9 Gruden4985, Mayock86 – 305

DB John Johnson (LAR) – 80

DB Budda Baker (ARI) – 80

LB Demario Davis (NO) – 75

LB Fred Warner (SF) – 70

#8 Hamborg55 – 315**

LB Tremaine Edmunds (BUF) – 90

LB Zach Cunningham (HOU) – 80

LB Khalil Mack (CHI) – 75

LB Jarrad Davis (DET) – 70

#7 Berto1020 – 315**

DB Jamal Adams (NYJ) – 90

LB Cory Littleton (LAR) – 90

DL Chris Jones (KC) – 70

LB Avery Williamson (NYJ) – 65

** Tie awarded to DB Jamal Adams #10 OVR IDP

#6 IronThrone – 325

LB Roquan Smith (CHI) – 90

LB Jaylon Smith (DAL) – 90

LB Myles Jack (JAX) – 75

LB Devin Bush (PIT) – 70

#5 Mick0503 – 330

DB Derwin James – 90

LB CJ Mosley – 90

DB Landon Collins – 90

DB Minkah Fitzpatrick – 60

#4 LuukGx – 340

DL Aaron Donald (LAR) – 100

DL Joey Bosa (LAC)  – 90

LB Lavonte David (TB) – 90

LB Von Miller – 60

#3 BrenHocko – 350

LB Bobby Wagner (SEA) – 100

LB Luke Kuechly (CAR) – 100

DL Calais Campbell (JAX) – 80

LB Anthony Hitchens (KC) – 70

#2 Mynamejefe – 365

LB Deion Jones (ATL) – 100

DL JJ Watt (HOU) – 100

LB Joe Schobert (CLE) – 90

DB Jordan Poyer (BUF) – 75

#1 Gaugrim – 380

LB Darius Leonard (IND) – 100

LB Leighton Vander-Esch (DAL) – 100

LB Blake Martinez (GB) – 100

LB Devin White (TB) – 80

So there you have it.  No more debate. Unequivocally the best IDP goes to Gaugrim.  As heavily as he invested in the unheralded side of the ball, he should be here.  These point totals will be added to the OVERALL power rankings later on in this article, but first..


I figured it would be interesting to sit down (with a glass of champagne), and look at the trades that happened during the draft.  I will assign the names to the picks, so you and I can judge for ourselves who won and who went completely batshit out of their mind crazy with these trades.  I guess they could be fair value also, but what’s the fun in that?

1st trade of the draft:

Mhayes4985/jpease86 receives:

2019 2nd round (IronThrone) – TE George Kittle

2019 3rd round (IronThrone) – QB Kyler Murray

2019 5th round (IronThrone) – WR Mike Williams

2019 14th round (IronThrone) – RB Austin Ekeler

2020 2nd round (IronThrone)

IronThrone receives:

2019 2nd round (mhayes4985) – WR Julio Jones (Traded to Mick)

2019 3rd round (mhayes4985) – RB Kerryon Johnson

2019 5th round (mhayes4985) – TE Hunter Henry (Traded to Gaugrim)

2019 14th round (mhayes4985) – LB Devin Bush

2nd trade of the draft:

Mick0503 receives:

2019 2nd round (IronThrone from mhayes4985) – WR Julio Jones

2019 5th round (IronThrone from mhayes4985) – TE Hunter Henry (Traded to Gaugrim)

IronThrone receives:

2019 3rd round (Mick0503)  – WR Amari Cooper

2019 5th round (Mick0503) – WR Robert Woods

2020 1st round (Mick0503)

2020 2nd round (Mick0503)

2021 1st round (Mick0503)

2021 2nd round (Mick0503)

3rd trade of the draft:

Mynamejefe receives: 

2019 2nd round (brenhocko) – WR Antonio Brown

2019 3rd round (brenhocko) – RB James Conner

2019 5th round (brenhocko) – RB Derrick Henry

Brenhocko receives:

2019 2nd round (mynamejefe) – TE Travis Kelce

2019 3rd round (mynamejefe) – RB Leveon Bell

2019 5th round (mynamejefe) – WR Kenny Golladay

4th trade of the draft:

Gaugrim receives:

2019 4th round (Mick0503) – WR Stefon Diggs

2019 5th round (Mick0503 from IronThrone thru mhayes4985) – TE Hunter Henry

2019 7th round (Mick0503) – WR Sterling Shephard

Mick0503 receives:

2019 4th round (Gaugrim) – WR TY Hilton

2019 5th round (Gaugrim) – TE Evan Engram

2019 7th round (Gaugrim) – RB Kenyan Drake (Traded to IronThrone)

5th trade of the draft:

Mhayes4985/Jpease86 receive:

2019 6th round (Gaugrim) – RB Miles Sanders

2019 9th round (Gaugrim) – QB Dak Prescott

2019 13th round (Gaugrim) – RB Ryquell Armstead (Traded to Berto1020)

2020 1st round (Gaugrim)

Gaugrim receives:

2019 6th round (mhayes4985) – WR Tyler Lockett

2019 9th round (mhayes4985) – QB Phillip Rivers

2019 13th round (mhayes4985) – LB Devin White

6th trade of the draft:

Mick0503 receives:

2019 7th round (IronThrone) – WR Corey Davis

2020 2nd round (Mick0503)

IronThrone receives:

2019 7th round (Mick0503 from Gaugrim) – RB Kenyan Drake

7th trade of the draft:

IronThrone receives:

2019 9th round (LuukGx) – QB Ben Roethlisberger

LuukGx receives:

2019 10th round (IronThrone) – QB Sam Darnold

2019 18th round (IronThrone – LB Lavonte David

8th trade of the draft:

Mhayes4985/jpease86 receive:

2019 13th round (berto1020) – RB Devin Singletary

Berto1020 receives:

2019 13th round (mhayes4985 from Gaugrim) – RB Ryquell Armstead

2020 3rd round (mhayes4985)

So what does all this mean?  It’s a lot to unpack. So here are some interesting bullet points:

  1.  After the last trade at the start of round 13, everyone was content on making their picks where they were scheduled or where they had traded earlier in the draft.
  1. Mick sold the farm early on to land Julio Jones, making the 2019 season championship or bust for his squad.  Curiously, he traded back later on with Gaugrim but still landed a great #3 WR in TY Hilton and the foundation of his TE position in Evan Engram.  Gaugrim traded up for Stefon Diggs in that trade, but lucked out and still got his TE in Hunter Henry. So it is preference really. Diggs and Henry?  Or Hilton and Engram? Time will tell.
  1. IronThrone traded up to nab Julio Jones, then traded out of the 2nd round entirely due to a haul in future picks.  At the time, it was a huge risk. But it paid off in the end.  IronThrone still put together a great squad to compete this year and several years to come.
  1. Proclaimed “a boring fucking trade” by Mick, it’s interesting how Brenhocko and jefe’s trade will play out.  Take your pick of Kelce, Bell, Golladay or AB, Conner, Henry. Personally, I’d give it to Hocko and the Kelce side.

And now, to the main event.  Rather than best value/worst value as in my previous draft recap over at the Dynasty Dudes league, I decided on the concept of Path To the ‘Ship.  I thought about doing a “Biggest Question Mark” for each team, but in doing so I realized they were essentially the same thing.  So I just made it one big section.

Note: I didn’t focus too much on bench or taxi because of the ungodly size of them (and the variables attached), so that will be a debate for you guys.  Possibly for another article in a week or two.

Hope you enjoy!


As of July 1st, 2019

#12 Hamborg55 (2010.9)

Offensive Rating – 12th (1695.9 proj. UDK pts)

QB: Aaron Rodgers (330.6)

QB: Cam Newton (298.1)

RB: Ezekiel Elliott (315.6)

RB: Derrius Guice (129.4)

WR: Keenan Allen (217.4)

WR: Courtland Sutton (153.8)

WR: James Washington (75.7)

TE: TJ Hockenson (110.4)

FLEX: Ronald Jones (64.9)


When looking at the starting roster, it’s obvious what needs to happen in order for the Danish Robot to claim the 1st year Dynasty Dudes Superflex title.  Ham fields possibly the best quarterback duo in the league health permitting, and the #1 RB in a lot of people’s eyes (STEAL at #4 btw).  You can pencil in Keenan Allen as a back end WR1 with mid 1 upside. After that? It’s a prayer. Derrius Guice is coming off of a brutal injury, has a huge question mark at QB, and presumably 3 other RB’s to compete with.  Courtland Sutton has some combination of turd throwing him the football in Joe Flacco or Drew Lock. Yes, I believe Lock is yet another dart throw from Elway. The kind of dart throw that pierces the back of the head of an unsuspecting bar patron rather than a trip 20 (Cricket ftw, baby!)  Flacco is straight garbage. To those of you who don’t know, my fiancé is a rabid Ravens fan so I’ve had to sit through 3 years of that dumpster fire. God played a cruel joke on me and the rest of the Niners faithful when he allowed the refs to dictate the 2012 Superbowl, which in turn allowed Flacco to be the highest paid piece of [expletive] quarterback in NFL history. 

I got sidetracked-Courtland Sutton-Extremely talented wideout, my favorite of the crop last year.  Definitely showed he was worth a 2nd round pick in 2018.  He will be the #1 WR for the Broncos this season, but how does that translate to the game we love to play?  TJ Hockenson is a blue chip prospect and a stud of a fantasy asset, but I’m sure you all know it’s super rare for a TE to put up top 10 numbers in year 1.  Ronald Jones? During the offseason you’ve heard the rumblings of the love, and then pretty much the complete opposite. He does have the draft pedigree (6th pick in the 2nd round), but I really don’t think that means much, especially to the new regime in Tampa.  Having listened to Tampa Bay sports talk radio in my area the past few years, I’ve learned a lot about Bucs GM Jason Licht.  His drafting is absolutely putrid. He drafted Roberto Aguayo (KICKER) in the 2nd round in 2016.  Aguayo has now been out of the league for damn near 2 years, so I just don’t trust the talent evaluation there. 

Finally, we get to the best situation in which I could see the breakout coming. James Washington, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers.  Lately it’s been all Moncrief talk in Pitt, but I still expect Washington to end up the WR2. Even if it takes a few weeks. Moncrief has been in the league for years and I think we all know who he is by now.  Washington will get every shot to produce.

All that said, for our man with the plan in Denmark land to hoist the trophy, All 5 of those starters will need to return insane value.  If Guice becomes a mid to high end RB2, Sutton does the same at wideout, and Hockenson blows the doors off for a top 6 TE season Ham will be in great shape.  Throw in a high end RB3 with flex value every week in Jones, and 2017 Juju like production from Washington and Ham will be playoff bound in 2019.

**FULL DISCLOSURE – I left off here 4 days ago on 7/3.  I thought about how I was going to incorporate some stats, but I decided I’d rather mostly give my opinions.  A. It’s easier B. these rankings are solely based on stats and projections and C. There are plenty of over-qualified experts out there who can give you the stats via podcasts and websites.  I know you all want my hot takes 😉

#11 MayoLK (2021.9)

Offensive Rating – 11th (1739.9 proj. UDK pts)

QB: Baker Mayfield (292.5)

QB: Russell Wilson (291.9)

RB: David Montgomery (179.3)

RB: Tarik Cohen (173.2)

WR: Odell Beckham Jr. (247.6)

WR: Chris Godwin (176.6)

WR: Keke Coutee (139.5)

TE: Dallas Goedert (100.5)

FLEX: Royce Freeman (130.8)


Before I get started, Mayo currently has TE Darren Waller of the Oakland Raiders in the starting lineup.  Unfortunately, the footballers did not rank him. So I went with the next best TE on the roster, and one that I think will outscore Waller.  Enter Dallas Goedert. The Eagles are near the tops in the league in running 2 tight end formations, and they didn’t use a 2nd round pick on Goedert last year to be insurance.  The guy is a monster, they will use him. In 2018, Goedert’s stat line was 33 receptions for 334 yards and 4 TDs.  Quite exceptional for a rookie TE that is 2nd on the depth chart.  I expect those numbers to go up significantly and will be part of what can propel Mayo’s squad to the playoffs.  I’m thinking a 55 – 665 – 7 TD season is entirely possible, and quite probable given his godly talent.

Switching to the QB position, there’s not much to say.  I expect Baker and Wilson to be top 11 QBs this year, even if a lot of experts are down on Wilson due to the Seattle offense.  Why 11? Wilson has never slid below that in his entire 7 year career. He’s a top 5 QB in the NFL fellas, talent wins out.  

So with a top 10 TE and 2 top 11 QBs, Mayo is in great shape.  For the wideouts – Odell, Godwin, and Keke should be plenty to anchor down the 3 slots.  Not to mention Tyreek Hill is still in play for this team whenever he is reinstated. The RB’s are what needs to go completely right for our boy Sleepin’ Beauty.  It was a little perplexing to see Mayo go with the rare 2 Chicago RB strategy. Going 2 QB early, I thought Montgomery was an excellent pick. Back to back WR later, Mayo was in a hole and needed a RB.  Personally, I would’ve went with Chris Carson knowing I already had Monty. But they both could easily return RB2 value this season. That should be good enough. If Royce Freeman can push for a top 24 finish as well, Mayo will be battling for a championship.

#10 Fiene86 (2167.9)

Offensive Rating – 10th (1867.9 proj. UDK pts)

QB: Jared Goff (290.7)

QB: Kirk Cousins (262.8)

RB: Dalvin Cook (232.2)

RB: Phillip Lindsay (186.5)

WR: Juju Smith-Schuster (245.8)

WR: Jarvis Landry (157.6)

WR: Tyler Boyd (183.8)

TE: OJ Howard (185.5)

FLEX: LeSean McCoy (123)


A few eye raising picks in the 1st and 3rd rounds highlighted the top of the Fienster’s draft.  With the 1.6, he decided on the 22 year old Juju Smith-Schuster.  While I thought it was a little high, he definitely wasn’t getting back to him.  I know our team was prepared to take him with 1 of our picks at the turn. So if he’s your guy, take him.  After this year, we could be talking as high as the 1.1 for Juju in startup dynasty drafts. He’ll need to turn in a top 3 WR season for that to happen, but it’s certainly possible.

So let’s start there.  Juju finishes top 3. For the rest of the wideouts, I would be damn comfortable with Boyd and Landry being my WR’s 2 and 3.  No problem there. So with Fiene’s 3rd rounder, he took a shot on a talented young QB on an exceptional and exciting offense in Jared Goff.  I have no doubts Goff will finish as a top 7 QB this season, but drafted as the #6 QB off the board? Maybe a bit too early.  Hindsight is 20/20, because looking at the draft board it’s possible Fiene thought the QB run was coming — and he was right–  7 of the 12 picks in the 3rd round were QBs.  So again, if that’s your guy, fuckin’ grab him.  Dynasty is all about A. Winning but also B. Selecting guys you can cheer on for many many years.  

Looking at the rest of the starters, no issue for me there.  Lindsay will be fine. I know everyone’s back on the Rolls Royce in fantasy circles, but Phillip didn’t do anything to lose that job.  Even if Fangio wanted to use him more like a Tarik Cohen, he’d still end up being a high end RB2 in my eyes. Cousins as a QB2 in Superflex is just dandy to me.  Back end QB1 all day with the weapons he has in Minnesota. The key to this team is the flex spot. I don’t think McCoy or Howard is the answer there. However if Fiene can find a solid every week starter, or brilliantly play matchups, this team can certainly contend.  

#9 SlabofBeefStick/Oldguy2 (2188)

Offensive Rating – 7th (1913 proj. UDK pts)

QB: Lamar Jackson (287.1)

QB: Derek Carr (240.3)

RB: Christian McCaffrey (308.3)

RB: Rashaad Penny (135.6)

WR: Adam Thielen (212.8)

WR: Cooper Kupp (183.9)

WR: Sammy Watkins (186)

TE: Zach Ertz (231.9)

FLEX: Greg Olsen (127.1)


The ‘ol guy and the young gun might’ve been the most victimized by the crazy 9th round QB run. Berto snagged Mr. Biscuit at the beginning of the 9th, setting off a shit storm.  These guys helped, taking Lamar Jackson as their QB1 with the 2nd pick of the round.  Twenty selections and 12 QB later, the good ol’ boys were back on the clock.  With Derek Carr on the board and nothing else resembling a decent QB2 remaining, they decided to take a suspended tight end.  At that point, I was hoping Berto would’ve grabbed Carr, just for the opportunity to laugh hysterically when Schielke had to start Lamar Jackson and Marcus Mariota.  Every. Single. Week. However Berto must have felt bad, as he did his own thing. Derek Carr fell back into their laps at 11.2 and they did the smart thing and hit “draft”.  Luck was on their side.

Anywho.  How can these guys win the championship?  Well, Lamar Jackson isn’t a bad way to start.  His rushing will put him squarely on the QB1 map every week, and I expect a pretty good improvement in his passing statistics.  With a full season, I expect Jackson to approach 30 total TDs. HOT TAKE! Add in everything else, and take away a few turnovers and he’ll land in the top 5 QBs.  There’s also a way you can get Derek Carr to a back end QB1, as he’s got the weapons now. I expect a bounce back in Oakland.

As for the rest of the roster:

Ertz – great

McCaffrey – great

Thielen – great

Kupp – great if he’s back to 100%

Watkins – great as a WR3

Penny – great talent that will be a back end RB2 at the least

Same as with Fiene’s roster, it will depend on who SlabofBeefStick and Oldguy2 throw in their flex from week to week, but it’s not the most worrisome thing when you have great starters.

#8 Mhayes4985/Mayock86 (2206.6)

Offensive Rating – 8th (1901.6 proj. UDK pts)

QB: Kyler Murray (289.4)

QB: Dak Prescott (283)

RB: Josh Jacobs (219.2)

RB: Miles Sanders (160)

WR: Mike Evans (223.7)

WR: Mike Williams (175.7)

WR: Dante Pettis (179.5)

TE: George Kittle (217.9)

FLEX: Eric Ebron (153.2)


Okay so where do I start here..  I can give some inside info on these picks.

Kyler Murray.  We wanted this dude.  If he can follow up the Heisman season of Baker Mayfield with another Heisman season of his own, he can certainly match Mayfield’s rookie year in Cleveland.  Sprinkle in 500 or so yards rushing, and he would be right up there with Baker next year in the 2nd round of dynasty superflex.  He’s going to have to put up those type of stats for Gruden and Mayock to win the championship, but that’s what we’re banking on.  The theme of our draft? Upside baby.

Speaking of.  Miles Sanders.  The Eagles traded for Jordan Howard in the offseason, giving up a 6th round pick.  A 6th round pick.  Yes, Tom Brady was a 6th round pick but guess what? There’s only one Tom fucking Brady in the entire 83 years of the NFL draft.  For every Tom Brady, there are 70 million Joe Webbs (Pick 199 in 2010). Yes, I picked a random year #199 and it was QB Joe Webb.  The Eagles certainly didn’t want to go into 2019 with the RB corps they trotted out there in 2018. They’ve been trying to find a great RB since LeSean McCoy was traded in 2015.  Howard was insurance in case their NFL draft went completely haywire. They obviously loved Sanders enough to draft him 53rd overall.  He’s going to be the starter folks.  Think of Sanders as Derrius Guice with a better offense and coming off a much easier injury.  However controversial it was, Guice went 2 FULL rounds earlier in our startup. I don’t expect him to hit the ground running (Well, in literal terms, sure.) early on, but by the middle of the season I expect RB1 weeks regularly.  Doug Pederson, the head coach, has never had a RB quite like this.

For the rest of the starters not named Kittle or Evans, again the theme is upside.  Mike Williams and Dante Pettis have a ton of it. So much so that if they hit, we could be looking at WR10-20 type numbers.  Both offenses have a ton of potential. And does Eric Ebron have regression written all over his gigantic body? Sure, but 10 TDs would be a sizeable regression.  There’s no way he should’ve slipped to the 10th round in a 12 man TE premium.  He’s recently said he wants the TD record, which is held by Rob Gronkowski with 17.  I don’t expect that, but if that somehow happened, you best believe we’re taking you all down.  

And if it doesn’t?  We got a ton of draft capitol.  So suck it easy..

#7 LuukGx (2233.5)

Offensive Rating – 9th (1893.5 proj. UDK pts)

QB: Carson Wentz (301.6)

QB: Sam Darnold (219.9)

RB: Joe Mixon (247.5)

RB: Aaron Jones (212.3)

WR: Davante Adams (261.4)

WR: DJ Moore (175.4)

WR: Will Fuller (155.1)

TE: Kyle Rudolph (136.5)

FLEX: Chris Carson (183.8)


Coming in at #7, but with a 9th best offensive rating according to the Ultimate Draft Kit is LuukGx.  Luke’s path to the championship is relatively simple. Wentz stays healthy, and Darnold breaks out.  A lot of people are giddy about Darnold, but I just don’t see it. Adam Gase is the head coach, and he’s not the type of guy that likes to go up-tempo too often.  The difference between the Jets and the Dolphins from a year ago? A great RB in Bell? Sure, but Drake was pretty great and he was sparingly used. I guess if the team can stay healthy, Darnold has a chance to hit stardom.  But I’m not wagering on it.

Mixon and Jones both have top 5 upside, with relatively low floors.  Maybe Jones has a crater of a floor, but as long as he’s playing he’s a stud.  Davante Adams? Absolute beast on an offense that should be better in 2019. Rodgers even says he wants to throw him the ball more.  Well… if that somehow happens, he’s the #1 overall WR this season.  No question about it.

Here’s where it gets murky, but has the potential.  DJ Moore ended the season on a bit of a tear, with a broken down Cam Newton.  If Cam is completely healthy starting the season? Why cant DJ Moore take the next step and sophomore shine instead of slump?  Will Fuller is a great WR. Most think he’s just a deep threat but he’s more than that. Everyone knows the question with him more than almost any other player: health.  But he’s shown he’s an elite WR on the field.  Chris Carson is an excellent option at flex-15 points a week in fantasy is doable in the Seattle offense.  For a flex, that is gold. Kyle Rudolph at TE? I believe he was a top-10 TE last year, but I don’t expect him to be much better this season.  Luuk would have a better shot praying that Noah Fant breaks the rookie TE mold.

#6 IronThrone (2318.8)

Offensive Rating – 5th (1993.8 proj. UDK pts)

QB: Ben Roethlisberger (277)

QB: Jimmy Garoppolo (257.3)

RB: Melvin Gordon (281.5)

RB: Marlon Mack (199.6)

WR: Amari Cooper (210.9)

WR: Robert Woods (212.3)

WR: Calvin Ridley (176.8)

TE: Vance McDonald (164.8)
FLEX: Kerryon Johnson (213.6)


IronThrone aka Wing is the best fantasy player you can ever hope to have in your league.  And also the worst in ways 😉.  He will give you shit for everything you do, but is the most active player I know besides myself.  Much love my man. As for the team? Rock solid.

You’ve got a quarterback group that will produce this year, but might not be the long term solution.  As much as I love Jimmy – and it’s almost more than my dogs and fiancé – he’s started 10 games in his career.  Let’s hope he can put together a great 16 games. Knock on wood. Roethlisberger has 2 years left and then I think he’ll hang it up but 2 years is a ways away my friends.

The RB group is the best in the league.  Mack, Kerryon, Drake and oh Melvin Gordon.  He can’t even start all of them, which is why he’s a prime target to trade with for a RB needy team during the season.  WRs? Cooper will be up and down all season. I don’t care if he’s on a new team this has always been his MO. We’ve got 4 years of data here.  But his boom weeks will be absolutely explosive and propel the whole team to victory. Ridley takes a step up in year 2? Why not. Even if he stays the same, he’s a mid WR3 which is all IronThrone needs.  Woods will be the steady Eddie for this corps.

The biggest question mark is Vance McDonald.  He is being hyped like the next Jesus Christ. Like I said with Cooper, we’ve got historical data on this guy.  A former 2nd rounder out of Rice, he’s always been an injury risk with suspect hands.  But if he gets a good amount of the targets AB left, I think his ceiling is TE6.  And that’s where he’ll have to land for Wing to hoist the trophy.

#5 Gaugrim (2325.5)

Offensive Rating – 6th (1945.5 proj. UDK pts)

QB: DeShaun Watson (329.5)

QB: Phillip Rivers (268.5)

RB: Alvin Kamara (285.9)

RB: Nick Chubb (209.3)

WR: Stefon Diggs (205.1)

WR: Tyler Lockett (187.1)

WR: Sterling Shephard (159.8)

TE: Hunter Henry (162.8)

FLEX: Curtis Samuel (137.5)


Sliding in at #5 with an offensive rating of #6, it’s the defense that has Gaugrim this high.  He has the best IDP crop in the league, and that will count for something.  How much remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to see how much this defense scores compared to everyone else’s at the end of the year.  As for the offense, at QB DeShaun Watson and Phillip Rivers are a really great 1-2 combo in Superflex. Both are extremely steady, and Watson has #1 overall point scorer in fantasy upside.  He will likely need an MVP type year for Jeff to win it all.

Besides the QBs, you can’t get much better for your top 2 RB.  Hunter Henry is a locked in TE1 when healthy. The wideouts will be a steady force.  I believe Lockett upticks in targets (Only 70! Last year) but has about the same production with them.  Which is absolutely fine. Shephard, same thing, he’ll get the targets but the offense in New York is spotty at best.  I expect a high end WR3 for Shephard in 2019 with a ceiling around WR14. 

At flex, Curtis Samuel is a prime candidate amongst experts for a breakout, with some believing it’s him over DJ Moore.  Could Samuel make the popular 3rd year wide receiver jump?  Definitely, but I think he’s a more important and better player for the Carolina Panthers than your fantasy team.

#4 Berto1020 (2367.3)

Offensive Rating – 4th (2052.3 proj. UDK pts)

QB: Andrew Luck (318.5)

QB: Mitch Trubisky (270.4)

RB: Saquon Barkley (317.5)

RB: Todd Gurley (257.4)

WR: AJ Green (209)

WR: Brandin Cooks (199.7)

WR: Allen Robinson (155.5)

TE: David Njoku (159.3)

FLEX: Mark Ingram (165)


Duuuuuvalllllllllll comes in at 4 here across the board.  QB is a strength for this squad as well, as Mitchell Trubisky will vie for a top 10 finish in his 3rd year steering the Chicago ship.  He might be a little up and down, but he jumped 13 spots from #28 in his rookie year to #15 this season in fantasy.  With the rushing upside he has, it won’t be a shock to anyone if he jumps up again.

I’ll say this as well, if Todd Gurley is the Todd Gurley of old, this team WILL win the championship.  It’s a big IF, but I know I’ll be sweating the matchup with Berto in week 5 if that is the case. Saquads and Gurley full strength?  No fuckin’ thanks – I surrender.

The WR corps here is as good as any, with all 3 having WR1 seasons in the past.  If Gurley’s knee cuts back his workload or completely shuts him down, all 3 of these pass catchers need to be right around there for Berto to keep contending.  At flex Mark Ingram should be great in the Ravens system. At least for fantasy. I could see a 3.5 yd per carry season out of Ingram, but the touches will be there.

Finally, I’ve recently come back around on TE David Njoku.  I think I’m all in on a top 5 season for this guy. Year 3, insanely talented, no injury history, incredible offense (on paper), draft pedigree etc. etc. etc.  He has 4 touchdowns in each of his first 2 seasons, and has the potential for double digits. Pencil me in for a top 5 season for Njoku.

#3 Mynamejefe (2444.2)

Offensive Rating – 3rd (2079.2 proj. UDK pts)

QB: Matt Ryan (300.1)

QB: Jameis Winston (291.9)

RB: James Conner (243.4)

RB: Derrick Henry (207.2)

WR: DeAndre Hopkins (264)

WR: Antonio Brown (222.4)

WR: Julian Edelman (219.8)

TE: Jared Cook (162.2)

FLEX: James White (168.2)


Jefe, my man cracks the top 3.  Congratulations. But if you’re not first, you’re last.  I would say our Toyota slangin’ salesman has the 2nd best WRs in the league.  Hopkins will be top 3 no doubt, Antonio Brown will not fall below 12, and Edelman will be around 15-20.  That’s an elite group.  

The issues I see with this team are at RB and TE.  For Jefe to stave off all competitors and become Highlander, Derrick Henry and James White need to be greater than great.  White finished in the top 10 RBs last year, but I doubt that’s repeatable.  He’s 27, and never finished above 26th (IN PPR!) until last season.  Michel expects to be healthy by the season, and throw in a 3rd round back in Damien Harris, count me in for regression for my former Beloved Badger.  Henry? Please. Every year it seems like he ends the season mad max’ing bitches into the scorched earth.  And then what happens? Overdrafted. Bust. Until the end of the year. Maybe you stash the guy on your bench until the playoffs, but that is ridiculous considering he was the 21st RB off the board.  I would’ve rather had Phillip Lindsay, Damien Williams, and Devonta Freeman, who all went afterward.  Jefe can win the ‘ship if Derrick Henry proves me wrong.

Jared Cook is fine and I think he’ll be a top 12 TE, but it might be on the ass end.  An extremely talented athlete, he’s now 32 coming off his best season in which the Oakland Raiders had a broken Jordy Nelson as their #1 WR.  Doug “muscle hamster” Martin 3 years past his prime as their #1 RB at times. Of course he was the #1 target. That’s not happening this year in New Orleans with target monsters Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas in tow.  I’m guessing Jefe is hoping for a Jimmy Graham like connection for Cook and Brees.

#2 Mick0503 (2448.9)

Offensive Rating – 2nd (2118.9 proj. UDK pts)

QB: Drew Brees (289.6)

QB: Tom Brady (269.3)

RB: David Johnson (257.5)

RB: Damien Williams (240.3)

WR: Julio Jones (259)

WR: Michael Thomas (238.2)

WR: TY Hilton (223.5)

TE: Evan Engram (200.2)

FLEX: Corey Davis (141.3)


The Man.  The Mick. The Legend.  The most handsome and generous man (Thanks for the hundo from all of us) in the league falls 1 spot shy of #1.  If EVERYTHING goes right for this starting squad, sure I can see a title for the guy. But everything has to go right.  I guess that’s the point of these things.

One thing that Mick won’t have to worry about this year or next is his batshit crazy herd of wideouts.  All WR1s, and they could all end up in the top 5 by year’s end. I don’t believe Hilton will, but in 2016 #5 is exactly where the dude finished.  So that is within the realm of possibility. I do believe Julio and Michael Thomas are locked for top 5 production.

David Johnson is great at RB, and I expect him to return better value than last year when he was a complete train wreck (but still finished in the top 10 running backs).  On the other hand, Mick’s RB2 is a huge question mark. A bigger one than Todd Gurley IMO. We all know the career of Damien Williams by now, so I will spare you. I’ll just say this.  He lucked into an amazing spot, and will be unseated halfway through the year if not sooner. Making this a wasted pick for now and the future by Mick. Yes, that’s an en fuego take.

I also expect down years from  the old QBs. They can’t be elite forever.  Let’s call it high end QB2 type numbers (15-18) from Brady and Breesus… And yet, they could surprise giving us 1 more year of QB1 production.  Evan Engram is a glorified WR, and I believe he will land in the top 5 of the TE class this season.

WR Corey Davis is interesting.  A hell of a prospect and athlete with high draft pedigree (#5 overall).  As I stated earlier in the piece, the 3rd year wideout hype is real.  Can Davis finally unlock all the fantasy goodness Dynasty owners saw in him as a rookie in 2017?  It’s certainly possible, but as long as Mariota is the QB in Tennessee, it’s a low percentage chance in my eyes.  If Tannehill somehow takes over for Mariota from the jump or somewhere during the season, I’d have a much better outlook on CD.  

#1 BrenHocko (2522.7)

Offensive Rating – 1st (2172.7 proj. UDK pts)

QB: Patrick Mahomes (348.8)

QB: Josh Allen (295.2)

RB: Leveon Bell (245.1)

RB: Leonard Fournette (204.7)

WR: Kenny Golladay (188.9)

WR: Alshon Jeffery (176.5)

WR: Robbie Anderson (182.4)

TE: Travis Kelce (302)

FLEX: Devonta Freeman (229.1)

And the #1 spot and GUARANTEED CHAMPION of the inaugural season of The Dynasty Dudes Superflex goes to the Australian!  Aussie Aussie Aussie! I couldn’t resist, sorry Hocko.


Who says taking a QB in the first round is a bad idea?  Well, they should be ashamed. Hocko selected Mahomes #5 overall, which in a superflex is a no brainer.  Mahomes is a consensus top 3 pick. Unless ol’ Patty Mahomes is traded, Hocko will have a hell of a lot of fun cheering this guy for the next 10 years if he wishes.

Here are my issues with the starting roster:

All of it except for Mahomes and Kelce 😊

Obviously there are risks with every fantasy player, but this whole team sans those 2 guys have injury histories or are upside players.  Maybe I could say that about everyone’s squad, but for some reason it jumps out to me with this team. The Boom Bust potential for Hocko’s Modern Life is on the extreme.

Josh Allen – High Potential but not a good real life QB just yet.  How long will he last? And will he run as much given the upgrades the Bills brought in this season?

Le’Veon Bell – Not a fan of the offense, coming off over a year of not playing.

Leonard Fournette – Potential top 5 RB, but the injury history is long dating back to LSU.

Kenny Golladay – How will the new offense and Marvin Jones coming back affect Kenny G?  Is Matt Stafford done? I actually believe in Golladay’s talent, but I would cap his absolute upside at WR12.

Alshon Jeffery – Alshon as your #2 WR is fine, and he should be good for this year.  But there’s a ton of weapons for Wentz in Philly.

Robbie Anderson – Again, Jets offense.  Adam Gase. More of a boom bust then a breakout candidate.

Devonta Freeman – All it is is injury.  If he’s fully healthy, definitely a RB1 season in the works.

Congratulations BrenHocko, you are now public enemy #1 in the league.  Enjoy this win now, but we’re coming for ya!

Thank you guys so, so much for reading.  We finally made it! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this league has the potential to stay together for many, many years.  We are an extremely active and competitive group. It’s amazing. I can’t wait to write more for you guys! Again, if you have any questions, ideas, comments for the website, don’t be afraid to hit us up.  Luuk’s power rankings came out as well, and it made me so happy that we had another guy willing to contribute to the new site. All ideas welcome!

A million thanks,

-Your Loving Co-Commish